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salary negotiation

Basic Job Negotiation Strategies

By Coach Wolfgang - 17th April 2014

Recently I had the honor of presenting at SWIGGIS Austin, on job negotiation strategies to a group of smart and accomplished women.  I love teaching new concepts and tools...

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interview prep checklist

Your Checklist to Prepare for an Interview

By Coach Wolfgang - 15th April 2014

Here it is – the list you review the day of your interview, from getting ready to waiting for the interview to start. This list will help you...

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career development

Do You Need a Career Coach? Everyone Does!

By Coach Wolfgang - 8th April 2014

Many individuals are aware that a career coach can help them when they are in the midst of a job search. Resume writing, interview preparation, and job search...

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videotape mock interview

Record Your Mock Interview & Dramatically Improve

By Coach Wolfgang - 11th March 2014

Do you want to improve your interviewing skills? My advice would be to conduct mock interviews. Want to dramatically improve your interviewing skills? Most of the biggest transformations...

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finding career motivation

4 Steps to Finding Career Motivation

By Coach Wolfgang - 8th March 2014

What motivates you to do your job? Many companies have are external practices in place to help provide motivation to employees, however, those practices do not always translate...

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resume brand alignment

What Do Hiring Managers Look for in a Resume

By Coach Wolfgang - 3rd March 2014

Recently, I had a networking lunch with an marketing director from Austin, specifically product marketing at a high-tech company. He had a position he was trying to fill...

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work life balance

My Struggle to Let Go & Achieve a Life / Work Balance

By Coach Wolfgang - 15th February 2014

There have likely been thousands of articles, blogs, etc. written about balancing work and your life. I’ve been struggling to find balance between my work and life since...

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networking event tips

Top 5 Event & Conference Networking Tips for Long-term Success

By rich - 1st February 2014

Networking is all about connecting with individuals, providing resources with no strings attached, and building relationships based on trust. It is focused on genuinely giving and believing that...

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resume writing services

Tips for Choosing a Resume Writing Service

By Coach Wolfgang - 24th January 2014

There are hundreds of resume writing and resume review services out there. You can pay anywhere from $50 to a few thousand. The lower-end services collect your information...

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cover letter resume format importance

Is Your Resume Not Getting You Interviews? This Could Be Why.

By Coach Wolfgang - 17th January 2014

Your strategy for trying to land a new job should include researching Austin companies, networking, trying to get your resume in front of the hiring manager and, of...

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