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Career Opportunities are Everywhere but Hard to See

By Dawn Shaw - 4th September 2014

Creating opportunity is a mindset. Opportunities are actually everywhere – we don’t see them all because we’re stuck in the same patterns of thinking. Our thoughts affect the...

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career success story showing initiative

Career Success Story: Showing Initiative & Taking Ownership

By Amy Wolfgang - 15th August 2014

One of my clients wrote me about how a small change she made led to big results at her job. Here’s the background. In our coaching sessions, we...

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workplace communication

A Better Way to Communicate with Your Boss

By Amy Wolfgang - 29th July 2014

A colleague of mine sent me a blog post he wrote for me the other day about a situation he was in at work. I liked it and...

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Job Interview Confidence

Career Workshop or Individual Career Coaching?

By Amy Wolfgang - 16th July 2014

Many potential clients ask whether they should participate in a workshop related to their career concerns or sign up for individual coaching sessions. Austin Career Workshops are 1...

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What If I Don’t Find the Right Career?

By Amy Wolfgang - 9th July 2014

Considering a career change can be a very daunting process. Not only have I helped many clients through this transition, but I’ve also gone through this myself. At...

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linkedin relationship tab feature

Using the LinkedIn Relationship Feature

By Amy Wolfgang - 13th June 2014

One of my favorite options in LinkedIn is the relationship feature. Many of my clients have several hundred LinkedIn contacts which makes it harder and harder to remember...

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annual goals planning

How to Review Your Yearly Career Goals

By Amy Wolfgang - 31st May 2014

Remember that yearly career plan you and your boss came up with awhile back? Have you been ignoring it? That’s okay but let’s get you into the habit...

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enjoy your career

Being Good at a Job Doesn’t Mean You Enjoy It

By Amy Wolfgang - 12th May 2014

When I was 19 years old and a sophomore in college I took an accounting class to satisfy a requirement for my minor in Human Resources. Most areas...

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Is Your Inner Critic Interfering with Your Job Negotiation Strategy

By Amy Wolfgang - 17th April 2014

Recently I had the honor of presenting at SWIGGIS Austin, on job negotiation strategies to a group of smart and accomplished women.  I love teaching new concepts and tools...

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interview prep checklist

Your Checklist to Prepare for an Interview

By Amy Wolfgang - 15th April 2014

Here it is – the list you review the day of your interview, from getting ready to waiting for the interview to start. This list will help you...

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